7+ Arduino Projects for Beginners

If you’re after Arduino projects for beginners, then you have found the right place. These are great if you’re entirely new to the Arduino devices.

All the projects are pretty basic and help introduce you to the basics of the Arduino as well as making some pretty cool stuff along the way. While these projects are basic you will find that some of the projects are incredibly useful for real-world applications.

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Arduino Cayenne

Arduino Cayenne
This tutorial takes you through all the steps to setup MyDevices Cayenne on the Arduino Uno. These instructions can be used for any version of the Arduino.

Cayenne is a great way to quickly set up your own IoT device. It takes a lot of work out of coding, and you will have a really cool way of collecting data fast.


Arduino 16×2 LCD

arduino 16x2 lcd
If you ever wanted a cool display on your Arduino, then this tutorial is for you. It takes you through all the steps to set up a 16×2 LCD with the Arduino.

There is quite a bit you can use this LCD for, such as displaying some debug data, the time, temperature and basically anything else you want a visual display of.


Arduino DS18b20 Temperature Sensor

arduino temperature sensor
DS18B20 is one of the easiest temperature sensors you can get your hands on. Setting it up with the Arduino is incredible thanks to the extremely helpful libraries.

Implementing a temperature sensor is extremely handy especially when you need to know the temperature of something. You can use the data to then turn on or off heaters or coolers.


Arduino Light Sensor

arduino light sensor
This tutorial goes through the steps on how to set up a light sensor to the Arduino Uno. Thanks to the analog pins on the Arduino Uno implementing the sensor is very easy.

You can use the light sensor for a huge range of tasks. A good example is an alarm clock that gets louder as it gets lighter. This is perfect if you always like to wake to the sun rising.


Arduino Battery Tester

arduino battery tester
This project is an extremely useful Arduino beginner project that is great for testing batteries that you’re unsure of their charge. It’s not super accurate but great for checking if a battery is full, half full or completely drained.

To take this project one step further, you can 3d print a case and have the Arduino powered by batteries. This extension will make it portable so that you can check batteries on the go.


Arduino Motion Sensor

arduino motion sensor
Using a motion sensor with the Arduino is a great way to bring motion detection to your sketch script. You can use this to set off an alarm or a variety of other things.

If you want to have email notifications for whenever motion is detected, then you should take a look at setting up Cayenne on the Arduino. There are other methods that able to do this, but they’re not as easy.


Arduino Dice Project

arduino dice
A simple yet fun project you can do with the Arduino. Much like the traffic light project below, this is great for people who are just starting out with circuitry and the Arduino.

There are some ways you’re able to extend this project to do more. For example, you can do multiple dice rather than just one. You can also reduce the amount of wiring in my example.


Arduino Traffic Light Project

arduino traffic light project
This project is perfect if you’re looking to introduce yourself to the concepts of the Arduino devices slowly. It merely involves 3 LEDs, 3 resistors, and a few wires.

The code to run this project is pretty simple, so you don’t need to stress too much about complicated code. Again, it’s just perfect if you’re only just starting out with the Arduino.


If you’re new to the Arduino, then you will probably find yourself a little overwhelmed to what you can do and where to start. These beginner Arduino projects are a fantastic way to ease your way into learning more about how it works, programming code and much more.

It is pretty important that you have a lot of the basic electronic equipment that should have come with your Arduino. The basics include things such as jumper wires, resistors, breadboards, LEDs and possible a few other parts. If not, you can find beginner kits pretty cheap on the web.

You will also need to make sure you have downloaded the Arduino software to your computer. It is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. You will need this for all sorts of projects not just Arduino projects for beginners.

If you’re new to programming and would love to learn more then what is included in these projects. You can find some pretty good information on the sketch (The Arduino programming language) here. This will take you through all the basics of variables, functions, comments and a lot of the inbuilt functions you can use.

We will be adding plenty more Arduino projects for beginners in the future so be sure to come check back later. Alternatively, you can follow us on all the major social networks.

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