Getting Started with Arduino

If you’re looking at getting started with Arduino then you’re in the right place. We will go through all the basics that you will need to know for when you’re just starting out with this great microcontroller board.

If you know the basics and you’re looking for some great projects to get started with then be sure to check out our Arduino beginner projects. We have an ever growing list of great projects that will introduce you to the fundamentals of the Arduino devices.

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Arduino Serial Monitor

arduino serial monitor
The Arduino serial monitor is an essential tool when it comes to debugging and interacting with your program. It’s pretty easy to grasp the basics of so it wont chew up too much of your time.

This tutorial will take you through all the basics and show you some examples of how you can use the serial monitor.


What is Arduino

what is Arduino
Arduino is more than just one device, it refers to a whole range of boards that help speed up development of smart electronic devices.

If you want to learn more about the Arduino devices, then this is a fantastic tutorial for getting started.


If you’re on this website, then it’s very likely you’re interested in electronics and looking at integrating a microcontroller into your circuits. The Arduino devices do a fantastic job at this as they’re lightweight and can interact with sensors, circuitry and other devices really well.

Getting started with Arduino is a lot easier than a lot of the competitors out there. This is mainly due to it’s programing language, software and community. All these make it really easy for beginners to quickly just jump in and get a hang of the concepts fast.

The Arduino software can be run on any computer such as Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. You will find a lot of other software packages are usually only built to work on Windows. This can be a bit of a pain for users who don’t have a Windows computer.

You should also probably look at investing into some electronics gear such as a breadboard, breadboard wires, LEDS, resistors and much more. Just getting the basics won’t cost you a fortune but will let you get started on lots of fantastic Arduino projects.

While the Arduino is a great way to learn electronics and integration with code you will find there is a fair bit to take in. However, once you have that working circuit and code you will be glad you made the effort. Some of the stuff you can make is pretty damn amazing!

We hope our guides will help you with getting started with Arduino. If you have any questions, tips or anything else that you would like to share then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the relevant tutorial.

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